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Applied Microscopy 2018;48:55-80
Role of Actin Filament on Synaptic Vesicle Pooling in Cultured Hippocampal Neuron
Se Jeong Lee, Hyun-Wook Kim, Ji Eun Na, DaSom Kim, Dai Hyun Kim, Jae Ryun Ryu, Woong Sun, Im Joo Rhyu
Applied Microscopy 2018;48:55-61
Anti-Obesity Effect of Fructus Pyri Pyrifoliae Extract Fermented by Lactic-Acid Bacteria on Rats
Hanna Chu, Jeongsang Kim
Applied Microscopy 2018;48:62-72
Effect of Shot Peening on Microstructural Evolution of 500-7 Ductile Cast Iron
Yubing Zhang, Keesam Shin
Applied Microscopy 2018;48:73-80
Applied Microscopy (AM), the official journal of Korean Society of Microscopy (KSM), is an international, peerreviewed journal. The Journal covers all the interdisciplinary fields of technological developments in new microscopy methods and instrumentation and their applications to biological or material science for determination of structure and chemistry.

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