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Applied Microscopy 2017;47:215-52
The Special Issue: Cryo-Electron Microscopy 1
Cryo-Transmission Electron Microscopy in Korean Society of Microscopy
Sung Sik Han
Applied Microscopy 2017;47:215-217
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2017: High-Resolution Cryo-Electron Microscopy
Jae-Hee Chung, and Ho Min Kim
Applied Microscopy 2017;47:218-222
Toward High-Resolution Cryo-Electron Microscopy: Technical Review on Microcrystal-Electron Diffraction
Sangmin Lee, Jeong Min Chung, and Hyun Suk Jung
Applied Microscopy 2017;47:223-225
Biological Applications
Molecular Structure of Muscle Filaments Determined by Electron Microscopy
Roger Craig
Applied Microscopy 2017;47:226-232
Structural Study on Apoptosis of Chronic Eosinophilic Leukemia Cells by Interaction of S100A8 with Splicing Factor, Proline and Glutamine-Rich
Yubin Won, Hyosun Choi, In Sik Kim, and Ji Young Mun
Applied Microscopy 2017;47:233-237
A Histological Study on the Visual Cell Layer of the Endemic Korean Species Liobagrus mediadiposalis (Pisces: Amblycipitidae)
Jae Goo Kim, and Jong Young Park
Applied Microscopy 2017;47:238-241
Morphological Study on the Correlation of Prenatal and Postnatal Development between Mouse Parotid Salivary Gland and Tooth
Soon-Jeong Jeong, and Moon-Jin Jeong
Applied Microscopy 2017;47:242-250
Novus Imago
The First Transmission Electron Microscope Image Imagined by Artificial Intelligence
Jongyeong Lee, and Zonghoon Lee
Applied Microscopy 2017;47:251-252
Applied Microscopy (AM), the official journal of Korean Society of Microscopy (KSM), is an international, peerreviewed journal. The Journal covers all the interdisciplinary fields of technological developments in new microscopy methods and instrumentation and their applications to biological or material science for determination of structure and chemistry.

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