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Applied Microscopy 2016;46:171-252
Nano-Resolution Connectomics Using Large-Volume Electron Microscopy
Gyu Hyun Kim, Ja Won Gim, and Kea Joo Lee
Applied Microscopy 2016;46:171-175
Light-Microscopy-Based Sparse Neural Circuit Reconstruction: Array Tomography and Other Methods
Jong-Cheol Rah
Applied Microscopy 2016;46:176-178
Brain Mapping Using Neuroimaging
Woo-Suk Tae, Shin-Hyuk Kang, Byung-Joo Ham, Byung-Jo Kim, and Sung-Bom Pyun
Applied Microscopy 2016;46:179-183
Brain Mapping: From Anatomics to Informatics
Woong Sun
Applied Microscopy 2016;46:184-187
How to Get Well-Preserved Samples for Transmission Electron Microscopy
Chang-Hyun Park, Hyun-Wook Kim, Im Joo Rhyu, and Chang-Sub Uhm
Applied Microscopy 2016;46:188-192
Effects of Short-Term Treatment with Estrogen Receptor Agonist on Morphological Changes in Reproductive Organs of Adult Male Mice
Hayana Choi, Yun Jeong Mo, Mi-Kyung Lee, Eun Sang Choe, Sung Tae Yee, and Hyun Wook Cho
Applied Microscopy 2016;46:193-200
Water Wetting Observation on a Superhydrophobic Hairy Plant Leaf Using Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy
Sun Mi Yoon, Tae-Jun Ko, Kyu Hwan Oh, Sahn Nahm, and Myoung-Woon Moon
Applied Microscopy 2016;46:201-205
Transmission Electron Microscopy on Memristive Devices: An Overview
Julian Strobel, Krishna Kanth Neelisetty, Venkata Sai Kiran Chakravadhanula, and Lorenz Kienle
Applied Microscopy 2016;46:206-216
Probing the Atomic Structures of Synthetic Monolayer and Bilayer Hexagonal Boron Nitride Using Electron Microscopy
Roland Yingjie Tay, Jinjun Lin, Siu Hon Tsang, Dougal G. McCulloch, and Edwin Hang Tong Teo
Applied Microscopy 2016;46:217-226
Epoxylite Influence on Field Electron Emission Properties of Tungsten and Carbon Fiber Tips
Shady S Alnawasreh, Ala’a M Al-Qudah, Mazen A Madanat, Emad S Bani Ali, Ayman M Almasri, and Marwan S Mousa
Applied Microscopy 2016;46:227-237
Transmission Electron Microscopy Observation of Twin Variant Selection in Austenitic Twinning-Induced Plasticity Steel
Jung-Hoon Han, Juhyun Oh, Sangmoon Yoon, Yanghoo Kim, Heung Nam Han, and Miyoung Kim
Applied Microscopy 2016;46:238-243
Switch-on Phenomena and Field Emission from Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Embedded in Glass
Emad S Bani Ali, and Marwan S Mousa
Applied Microscopy 2016;46:244-252
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